How to remove your router password?

Wireless home network should be secured by specified password, but there are some situations when it’s necessary to remove password. For example, you want to invite friends and throw a party and you need to provide Internet connection for all of your guests. There are shouldn’t be some confusions with password, so better to remove it.

After party you can set up it again.

There is one more reason. If you have trouble with connection of certain device, you can remove it for lack of problems with password entering and security type. Usually this problems arise when people try to connect their TV (smart TV) to wireless network connection.

Okay. let’s find out how to do what we are talking about.

Firstly, it’s necessary to open your router’s configuration panel. You can do it by entering router’s IP address in browser URL bar. The most of routers use 192.168.l.l. Then you need to find security connection settings.

If we are talking about ASUS routers, it’s so easy to make what we want. Just find “wireless network” and here set “Open System” in authentication method bar.

After that you need to save all changes and restart router.

If you have TP-link router, it’s necessary to find “Wireless – Wireless Security” and click “Disable Security”. Accept changes and restart your router.

For D-Link router’s users, it’s necessary to find “Setup” and choose “Wireless Settings”. Then you should find and click on “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” button. After that, there will be appeared wireless network settings. Finally, you need to find “Security Mode” and choose “None”.

(This method works for old firmware versions)

Save all changes, which you made, and restart your router.

Please note, if you decide to disable password function, it is also desirable to change default login and password, which you use to log in your route’s web interface.

You can change it in your router settings too. In case of using TP-Link routers, open “System Tools” and then “Password”.

It’s so important to make it, because people, who connect to your network, can change your settings of your router, if you didn’t set password for web interface.

Removing password for a long time isn’t the best idea. If there are a lot of devices connected, it can cause some network connection problems. For example, your network will work unstable or there can be some connection disables.