Things that can be dangerous for your router.


Nowadays, there are two the most popular security types – MAC-address filtration and SSID hiding. This security types don’t provide you full secure. Hackers can use WLAN-adapter, which can be switched to monitor mode and sniffer,  to find your network name. Hacker is monitoring network until someone will connect. Then he make some manipulations with data packets and throw out network user. After that hacker can see network’s name. Sounds difficult, but process takes a few minutes. Talking about MAC-filter, that’s not hard too. So hacker can connect to your network and you won’t know about this.

If your device supports only WEP-encrypting, it’s necessary to change something, because everyone can hack your password.

The most popular software fir cyber scammers is Aircrack-ng, which includes application for downloading and modification WLAN adapter’s drivers and allows you to recover WEP key in addition to sniffer.  PTW and FMS hack methods are the most famous, which help to capture traffic and use it to figure out WEP-key. There are two ways of securing. You can update your firmware, which supports modern encrypting methods. If manufacturer doesn’t develop new updates, better to use routers from other manufacturers.

Wireless network radius decreasing isn’t protect you. You neighbors can connect to you and hackers usually use Wi-Fi adapters with long rage radius.

You can try to find out other security options in your router’s web interface. You can enter it by entering IP address in your browser URL bar.

Public networks

There are a lot of cyber scammers in place, where you can find free wireless networks, because their process a lot of data, which can be stolen by using hacking tools. You can find these networks in public places like cafe, hotels and etc. Other users of these networks can take control under your accounts.

Cookies protection. Everyone can download Firesheep for Firefox browser. This browser extension shows a list of different  wireless network user’s accounts. If hacker clicks on it, he will take full control of someone’s account. Firesheep doesn’t hack passwords – it copies active unencrypted cookies. If you want to be protected, it’s necessary to use HTTPS Everywhere extension. This extension make online services always use encrypted connection, if provider supports it.

Android protection. Everyone was attracted by flaw  of Android, which provides scammers to get access to user’s accounts in “Picasa” and “Google Calendar”. Google solve this problem in Android 2.3.4, but for users, who can’t update their devices, there are SyncGuard application.

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